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Welding + Screw-joint + glass supporting wedge technology Convert technology of outward casement window
Theme: The welding angle of color profile is easy to crack in extreme cold area
一、Analysis of cracking
  1、Environmental factor
The northeast region belong to extreme cold area, and the temperature is very low in winter. It is very poor environment for using UPVC window & doors. Comparing to other climate region, profile suffers larger shrinkage in winter, and material would have more interior stress and its bearing capacity and impact resistance would decline, meanwhile, the ability to withstand repeating temperature changes reduce too. Therefore, corresponding measures should be taken regarding window & door design and process to compensate the disadvantage factor caused by low temperature, and to enhance comprehensive performance which is necessary and essential.
2、The feature differences between color profile and white profile
Color profiles have a strong temperature rising phenomenon against sunshine. White profile reflects most of the sunshine, the temperature rises a little because profile absorbs less energy, while color profile only reflect little sunshine and absorbs much energy, the temperature rises much more. As day and night shift, the color profile in sunshine have more obvious expansion and contraction comparing to window & doors in shade if natural temperature is low. That means high & low temperature changes frequently influence welding angle easily to crack under such situation. This phenomenon would seldom occur when the window under shade or white profiles are choosed. Surface temperature of dark profile is ten times higher than that of white profile, which is proved by experiments in summer. Dark profiles, especially black, dark gray, dark coffee, dark green and dark red profile, have obvious nature of temperature rise against sunshine.
3、Gravity weight load of external window
Weight load is an important feature of external window which is ignored usually. Reinforced steel is generally not connected to each other through welding process. Thus, the force of the welding part is very complicated. There is force generated from wind load against surface of glass, pressure and pulling force may be caused by expansion and contraction for thermal change, and there is also downward force generated from gravity. And glass weight is conveyed to horizontal supporting parts through glazing wedge. Eventually, concentrated loads are generated (generally 2). Gravity weight load is a constant and direction-fixed load. Thus, special attention should be paid to the factor of gravity weight when large glass, thick glass and three layers of glass are selected.
  According to climate in cold regions, application of large window and triple glass window (thick glass window), Dimex proposed welding plus screw-joint process and glass supporting wedge, solved welding angle cracking problem of color profile in cold region effectively. Besides, Dimex has applied in practice and declared technology patent and obtained the certificate successfully.

1、Mullion welding first and then screw-joint assembly to strengthen bearing ability when welding angle. Though screw-joint makes good bearing ability, gap may occur on mullion end due to shrinkage in cold winter, welding first and then screw-joint assembling solves this problem.
2、Screw should be used to improve connection force between profile and reinforcement steel, reinforcement steel plays a significant role in blocking shrinking, and reduce shrinkage of the combination of profile and reinforcement steel and the stress of welding spot.
3、Glass wedge is installed on steel fastener when screw-joint, thus, weight of glass would not push to horizontal mullions. When up and down parts are fixed glass, glass wedges can also be installed horizontally in the middle of bottom glass, and glass wedge should be installed at bottom frame of the upper glass, then the weight of above glass would convey to below frame through wedge.
4、If use foam around the window as installation process, the local support should be available on the down frame and mullion .to prevent influence from gravity load.