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As global well-known Window &Door profile brand, Dimex always adhere to the concept ‘the same in the world’. Creating advantages in terms of quality, design, technology and service continuously, pursuing progress continuously to meet customer’s demand.
The wall is thick, the section is wide, the strength of the welding angle is high, and the surface of the profiles is smooth and fineness. The anti-aging performance can achieve the highest level of national standards.
Hardware convex platform design, glass embedded depth design, glass bead V-port design, double drainages design to meet regional climate characteristics.
Establishment of window&door system with customers, optimizing design based on developer’s demand, providing fabrication training and guiding for processing products and on-site installation.
Dimex accepts customized order and handle timely delivery, customers can participate in full process interactive cooperation, such as product R&D, delivery, application processing and quality control service.
Quality management
Strict quality management system(standardized testing system and normalized process management)
High-quality raw material
High-quality raw material is chosen, such as DuPont Titanium Dioxide, Chesapeake ASA co-extrusion materials.
German formula
To ensure excellent products, Dimex use German formula; strictly control the quantity of the main material.
Advanced process
Advanced extrusion producing process and stable product geometric dimension.
Appearance design
Streamline & unique design of double drainage structure.
Glazing bead design
V-groove design of glazing bead, easy for installation and dis-assembly.
Bottom design
Special bottom structure of sliding frame, it also can be used as mullion.
Drainage design
25mm height of rail and slope design improves water tightness.
Seal Design
The earliest special design of 60mm system with 4 chambers and 3 sealing.
Convex design
Convex design for unique hardware positioning.
Safety design
High glass block design, safe and reliable.