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Company Profile
DIMEX(Taicang)Window Profile Co.,Ltd.
Dimex Taicang Window Profile Co.,Ltd, was established by Dimex Germany in China in 1999. It is a professional manufacturer of U-PVC Window & Door profiles. ‘Dimex’ brand was established in Germany in 1933 and it has a history of over eighty years. Dimex is famous for excellent product design and consistent high quality. Dimex owns a good reputation in Europe and all over the world. Dimex is one of the most famous Window & Door profile brand in Germany.

Dimex Taicang Window Profile Co.,Ltd. is located in the German Industrial Park of Taicang Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, 18 kilometers to Taicang port, 40 kilometers from Hongqiao Airport, 5 minutes to enter Jiangsu southern expressway network which extends in all directions, Dimex enjoys superior geographical location and convenient logistics.
At present, after three phases of capacity expansion, Dimex has a production capacity of 20,000 tons per year for manufacturing first-class profiles. A complete set of German material-mixing system, extrusion lines and high speed molds are imported, which ensure high quality products.

Dimex offers 6 products series: Lotos, Komfort, Peony, Edelweiss, Contour and Elegance, comprising 60mm, 70mm, 88mm, 107mm, 108mm and 127mm profile for sliding and combined windows and doors. Dimex provides high-UV resistant white profiles, color coated profiles, colored body profiles. Dimex has cooperation with international well-known enterprises, such as US DuPont, Renolit, SABIC, which provides high quality color products for construction windows and doors.

Dimex has accomplished over 200 projects in 30 first-class or second-class developed cities in China. Dimex products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries, and provide thousands of environmental-friendly, energy-saving and German quality Windows and Doors.

In order to adapt to vigorous development of the Chinese market and meet the increasingly upgrading market needs, Dimex Group and Xi’an GAOKE Construction Materials Co. Ltd signed cooperation contract and formed China-foreign joint venture- Dimex (Taicang) Window Profile Co.,Ltd In March of 2010. Dimex is an independent joint venture in operation, aiming to manufacture German quality products and steady improving quality, carrying out customer service as responsibility, bringing more value to customers as Dimex corporate vision, serving customers, suppliers, community, environment and stakeholders is Dimex corporate mission.